Adaptive Streaming

Faster Startup Times -Less Abandonment

Adaptive Streaming is at the core of any fast and reliable video delivery solution on the web: Users want to experience both fast startup times as well as the best quality that can be delivered to them given their bandwidth requirements. This is where adaptive streaming shines. In contrast to progressive video streaming, adaptive streaming rapidly decreases streaming times by segmenting the video into smaller chunks that can be efficiently selected for decoding, which results in less wasted decoding overhead.

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Save Traffic and Money

From a content delivery standpoint, both DASH and HLS provide the most future-proof options, both in terms of possible quality output from one source and minimizing overall outgoing bandwidth, lowering the strain on your CDN. These technologies are also stepping stones for any content-delivery architecture geared towards live-streaming and new advanced features we are currently working on, e.g., foveated streaming for high-quality next-level VR video content delivery.

Choose the Solutionthat fits your Use Case

Delight Wizard

The easiest way to showcase and publish your VR and regular Videos in just three steps: Upload, customize, and publish. No coding required. Hosting and advanced encoding always included.

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Delight Modules

The flexible modular solution for businesses that rely on video. Developer-friendly integration, best-in-class encoding, tools for monetization and much more. Only pay for the modules you need.

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