RecommendationsOne Feature – many Use Cases

Easily find and navigate to related Content in Delight XR

Related content is the key to maximum user engagement. Recommendations are a great way to display related content directly at prime spots within the player and keep users interested in and consuming your content. This is true for standard viewing on Mobile or Desktop but even more so for Virtual Reality. Once immersed in VR, users can now switch effortlessly to and from content you suggest without ever taking off the Headset!

Coherent Storytelling

Recommendations make it possible to construct complete, coherent stories and establish interfaces between content. Imagine a series of videos being connected via recommendations to link from one episode to the next. Or from one topic to more videos on the same topic. Recommendations are incredibly versatile and can cater almost any use cases. With Delight XR, you are in control.

Link to external Delight XR Content

The web is a thoroughly interconnected place, yet connectivity in VR is still in its infancy. With external content links, we want to change this. We now allow you to build cross-references to other sites that embed Delight XR. This way you can connect your existing sites and web pages that use Delight XR or link out to an affiliate's site using Delight XR. Given an external link, a poster and the autostart flag, users will be redirected transparently between your site and the next, all while staying in VR.

As well as to any other external Content

You can link to any website you wish with the external content feature. This way you can redirect traffic and implement many advanced strategies directly inside your Virtual Reality experiences built around our Delight XR solutions.

Recommendations – Cross-Platform

Recommendations in Delight XR are designed from the ground up to work on all platforms and in all use cases. This means your contents will scale responsively from Mobile to Desktop to Virtual Reality and beyond, all while maintaining a coherent UX and a beautiful design. No additional work required!

Choose the Solutionthat fits your Use Case

Delight Wizard

The easiest way to showcase and publish your VR and regular Videos in just three steps: Upload, customize, and publish. No coding required. Hosting and advanced encoding always included.

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Delight Modules

The flexible modular solution for businesses that rely on video. Developer-friendly integration, best-in-class encoding, tools for monetization and much more. Only pay for the modules you need.

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