With this element you can link to other external URLs. It can only be added to other dl8 elements and can’t be used standalone. As of now it can be added inside a <dl8-recommendation> element and inside a <dl8-hub-content> element. Since it features a poster image and an optional title a common use case is to use this element for placing ads, affiliates, special content or use it as general traffic redirection to other sites with Delight VR content.

   title="External Link 1"

The element features the following attributes:

url="<uri>" [mandatory]

Specifies the URL of the external content. If the URL references a site with Delight XR the autostart attribute becomes important.

title="<string>" [optional]

The title text that will be displayed as a label on the content tile.

poster="<uri>" [optional]

The poster image that will be displayed on the content tile. Please note that a cover layout is used for the poster.

autostart [optional]

If set and the <URI> in the url attribute points to a Delight XR enabled website the Delight XR player on the target page will automatically start. The default is false

window-name="<string>" [optional]

A DOMString specifying the name of the browsing context (window, <iframe> or tab) into which to load the specified external content; if the name doesn’t indicate an existing context, a new window is created and is given the name specified by window-name. This name can then be used as the target of links and forms by specifying it as the targetattribute of <a> or <form> elements. The name should not contain whitespace. Keep in mind that this will not be used as the window’s displayed title.

window-features="<string>" [optional]

A DOMString containing a comma-separated list of window features given with their corresponding values in the form “name=value”. These features include options such as the window’s default size and position, whether or not to include scroll bars, and so forth. There must be no whitespace in the string. See Window features in the MDN for documentation of each of the features that can be specified.