Monetization Module

Showcase VR and regular ads unobtrusively inside the user interface

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Dynamic Affiliate Spots

Expand your affiliate management with our three new prime spots to place affiliate links.

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Banner Advertisements

A powerful new tool that takes your VR and 360° content monetization to the next level. New types of banner advertisements can now be placed around the user interface of Delight XR without causing a distraction.

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Video Advertisements

Our extensive video advertisement support allows you to monetize your content using the latest video ad standards such as IAB’s VAST 4.0 and Google IMA. Choose from a vast array of linear and non-linear video ads to make the most out of your video content.

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Recommendations in Delight XR are designed from the ground up to function on all platforms and in all use cases. This means your contents will scale responsively from Mobile to Desktop to Virtual Reality and beyond complete with coherent UX and a beautiful design. No extra work required!

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